The Excellence Group Mission

Significantly improve the success and lives of our clients and ourselves through our Excellence Group alliance.

The Excellence Group Vision

Success in business through mutual support & generosity.

Uniqueness of Excellence Group & Vision:

The Excellence Group combines world leading processes & results achieved by CEO Peer Groups with highly effective referral marketing processes to increase the success & revenue of our members. The Excellence Group members are CEOs, Business Owners or strategic business consultants who provide services or products to C- Level officers and business owners.

Purpose of the Excellence Group:


  • To be a C-Level Peer Group with our members acting as a Peer Advisory Board in the manner of highly effective CEO Peer Groups.
  • To help each other with challenges & accountabilities to ensure full success for every member.
  • Act as an advisory board to give advice when a member presents a challenge or an opportunity that they need group advice on.
  • Share market intelligence or leads about organizations on a confidential basis.
  • Provide pre-qualified leads and referrals without the expectation of financial compensation.
  • Form alliances such as joint marketing, workshops or host client events.
  • Provide education through additional learning, to enhance personal growth, health vitality & to improve our abilities to grow our businesses.
  • Members set annual individuals goals to enable fellow members to help them achieve their goals.
  • Organize social events to foster more bonding amongst the members.

Eligible Participants & Membership Requirements to Maintain Membership in the Excellence Group:

  1. Senior business sales developers or owners of companies who are responsible for building their company & have a CEO or C level officer focus.
  2. Senior strategic consultants who work with CEOs, Business Owners or C-level Officers.
  3. Open and sharing nature.
  4. Non-competitive with other group members.
  5. Company is in a growth mode & the Excellence Group member of that company wants to achieve more success.
  6. Member is committed to networking and forming alliances.
  7. Member can commit to regular attendance every 2 weeks for 1.5 hours on a Thursday morning.
  8. Members are allowed 6 absences each calendar year, after which their business category will be declared open and available to new members.
  9. Extended leave of absences will only be given by the membership committee for illness or accidents with the member expressing an interest in returning to the Excellence Group.
  10. Prospective new members will attend as visitors & be accepted following a general discussion by the members. A prospective member may not attend more than 2 meetings without applying for membership.
  11. The member who invites a visitor will confirm to the members through an email the following: the visitor’s name, company, title or position in organization, primary business category, contact information & web site.
  12. Visitors who want to join the Group must be approved by a unanimous consensus of the membership committee & current members who may be affected by the business category of the new member.
  13. A member may bring a guest who is not considered a prospective member, if the member believes that the guest will provide value to the group. For example, providing quality referrals or valuable information and a unique value-added perspective.
  14. Each member or prospective member must define their seat based on their core business area & only has exclusivity for the business defined as their seat.

Membership Cost and Active Membership Requirements:

Expenses are modest to belong in the Excellence Group. New members pay a one-time initiation fee of $500.00. The annual membership fee is $500.00. The membership fees for each calendar year are paid in January or pro-rated based on the month you join the Excellence Group. Members will have the opportunity to present once a year either on a zoom call or at an in person meeting. new members are asked to present within the first couple months to introduce their business and what type of clients they work with.

Your attendance and active participation is the actual cost of membership and the only way to have a successful Group that provides help and referrals. A member that does not actively participate or attend meetings regularly or who is consistently late for meetings will be asked to leave the group. If you have doubts about your ability to stay involved and help your fellow members, then this is not the group for you.

Values & Beliefs About the Effectiveness of Giving Referrals:

• Assisting similarly focused individuals will benefit my business in the long run.
• Communicate timely progress with referred clients to the referrer.
• Decide on client approach prior to contacting referred client.
• The client always belongs to the original referrer especially if the original referrer is still working with that client.
• You must provide your best high value service & product to this client in order not to embarrass your fellow referrer to this client.
• What you put in on referrals is what you get out.

Zoom Meeting Format:

  1. Meetings on rotating 2-week basis on a Thursday. Zoom meetings start at 8:00am and finish at 9:30 am sharp. Meetings have a pre-determined presentation by one of the members followed by a round table update from each member.
  2. New members will be inserted into the rotation for members to better understand the new members business so that referrals can be given.
  3. One representative per organization is allowed.
  4. Some meetings are restricted to members only due to the nature of the presentation or discussion.
  5. A meeting chairperson will be appointed to facilitate meetings & encourage equal group participation.
  6. A member who does not show up will not be successful and is taking away an opportunity for another business to grow their business with the Excellence Group.
  7. It is also encouraged for members to meet separately to learn more about their respective companies for referral purposes and to form alliances such as workshops or joint marketing activities.
  8. There are also social events organized for members such as barbecues, pub nights & an annual Christmas reception.

Meeting Norms:

  1. We respect each other while we push the limits and challenge each other.
  2. We always set goals for success.
  3. We will be advocates for our Excellence Group members and help each other.
  4. The Excellence Group meeting room is safe and confidential to discuss anything.
  5. Full attention and in the moment with phones turned off.
  6. Focus at the right strategic level for success – “out of the weeds.”
  7. The truth always but with compassion to challenge our members to do better.
  8. Be on time & only one person speaks at a time.
  9. No belaboring or talking too long on an issue.
  10. Everyone is committed to follow through with action plans to achieve success. Members will not allow another member to fail in their business endeavors.
  11. The Excellence Group members can have fun while increasing their success.

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